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Infamous Lifestyle Coach Reveals Shocking Ways To
Find The One, Close The Deal and Change Your Life

Infamous Lifestyle Coach Reveals Shocking Ways To Find The One, Close The Deal and Change Your Life

What If You Can Find The One or Close The Deal This Weekend?

YES! Mr. Pickup Found Love!

There are different stages you must go through to get the girl of your dreams and my new book holds the secrets to your success.

I want you to realize one thing and that is…

“You can talk anyone into bed, metaphorically speaking.”

– Speer

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You Might Be Wondering... Will The Speer Method Work For Me?

Thousands of Men & I Found Love Using These Exact Strategies!

Using the strategies laid out in Pickup & Dating Secrets, I conducted a search for “The One” which yielded results in ways I can not even explain. Imagine being rewarded with a supportive partner, strong social circle, beautiful family and a thriving business.

Imagine that you can start on the lifestyle path to a better you.

Imagine… starting today.

I would of never met my wife at Hard Rock Hotel if I didn’t master the first skill: “The Art of The Approach” which I reveal in detail in this book Pickup & Dating Secrets.

The tactics described in Pickup & Dating Secrets will help you pickup business and win people over.

Proof That Pickup & Dating Secrets Works For Business!

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Who Says You Can't Get The Girl and Find Love?

Meet Sal Peer

Hi! My name is Sal Peer aka Speer and I am a Master Dating & Relationship Coach. It’s funny writing this down as I consider myself an entrepreneur and family man but the truth is, my mastery over this art has allowed me to win over my beautiful wife and land my dream clients consistently.

In fact, learning the principles I’m about to share with you is more about understanding social dynamics and gaining the ability to influence social situations towards your ultimate goals not just picking up women, although that’s a part of it.

I call this a ‘pickup book’ because you will learn how to meet and attract anyone. I use the catchy title of “How To Talk Anyone Into Bed” because that’s what a 5-page spread in Cosmopolitan magazine called my system back in the day.

Fake Guru's Are Terrified You'll Discover
How To Get Results Without Them

Get Results This Weekend!

What I Cover In This Video Are...

Access To Private FB Group!

Meet like-minded individuals that want to meet women, improve their dating lives and build life changing skills.

Get My E-Book & Approach Video Instantaneously ($99.94 Value) For ONLY $7.97

I’m giving it to you for such a low cost because I feel like it is my duty. I have seen my strategies help many of my students find love, build beautiful relationships and families.

Although some of the materials are crude, THE FACT IS: IT WORKS!

This book is for those who want to change their dating & relationship lives and are ready to take action.

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If you use the tactics described in ANY of my products and don’t get the results you’re looking for, I will refund your purchase. No questions asked. I am so confident that you will achieve the results you want that I am taking the risk out of your order. Listen, I’ve been able to help thousands of other men, just like you, with the exact tactics. You’ll discover in my groundbreaking products that I am putting my money where my mouth is. If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, I will give your money back. Fair enough?
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